Six Seconds offers a complete range of certification programs to develop and apply emotional intelligence – at work, school, home, and in the community.

We suggest the EQ Practitioner as a starting point — but you are welcome to design your own adventure; please download the “Certification Pathways” brochure to see an overview and flow of the programs.


EQ Practitioner Certification

EQ Assessor Certification

VS People-Metrics Cert

A best-in-class process to bring EQ concepts to life …

Cynthia Ng

SVP Learning & Development , HSBC

It is the very best course I have attended. It addresses the ‘how’ of doing the theory.

Rasha El Gamal

Chief HR Officer, DMG

A magnificent program… state of the art tools that can truly make a difference…

Ian Broom

Managing Director, BDC Intl

The life-changing foundation for practicing EQ

Become a Certified EQ Practitioner:  Use Six Seconds model and tools yourself and with your team and colleagues.

Learn from the leaders in the field how to raise emotional intelligence in yourself and others. Develop an in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence as you gain new tools to apply immediately to fuel positive change at work, at home, and at school — starting with yourself.

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Best-in-class tools to measure EQ to develop EQ

Become a Certified EQ Assessor: Measure & develop core skills with SEI EQ Assessments, the most sophisticated, action-oriented EQ tools available.

Learn the Profiles, SEI, SEI360, and SEI-YV plus Change MAP structure.There are three ways to complete EQAC – variations of the same program, each with a unique emphasis:

  1. Start with Part I: EQ Essentials in-person.
    Go deeper with Part II: SEI Toolkit in 2 more days or through virtual/online classes.
  2. EQAC all virtual, using 1-1 mentorship plus live virtual online classes.
  3. EQAC-E is virtual or in-person with emphasis on using the tools for social emotional learning. See

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Clear, actionable data on the people-side of performance

Become a Certified VS Assessor: Add the remarkable Vital Signs toolset to your consulting practice — measuring the drivers of organizational performance

The Vital Signs tools for individual leaders, teams, and whole organizations rapidly pinpoint key opportunities for improving performance. Take the pulse with climate tools to enroll people in change, focus consulting interventions, and show ROI. In-person or virtual/1-1 options available.

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EQ Coach Certification

EQ Educator Certification

Advanced Trainer Certification

A mind shifting experience in coaching that makes coaching more trust worthy because of all the EQ tools

Solafa Baterjee

CEO, Doroob

… excellent course. It helped me in many different ways, at a personal and professional level.

Helen McVeigh

Chief Inspector of Schools , Cayman Islands

… provides a new set of skills and tools to deepen program design and delivery… this course is a must…

Jimmy Daniel

Senior Management Education Facilitator, FedEx Express

What does it take to be a highly effective coach?

Become a Certified EQ Coach and earn our ACC or PCC from the International Coach Federation: Learn to coach using a robust, practical framework for change — including the Brain Profiles and SEI Assessments.

Grounded in the International Coach Federation competencies, EQCC blends neuroscience and EQ for a remarkable approach to coaching — either as a practice, or inside your organization/school. Where some “certifications” focus on the minimal 60 hours of training for “ACC” level; the EQCC is a full-depth, 150 hour program where graduates develop the capacity to jump in as effective coaches.

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How do you integrate social emotional learning in school?

Become a Certified EQ Educator: Effectively facilitate social emotional learning classes using the Self-Science process

As highlighted as a model in Daniel Goleman’s 1995 bestselling book, the Self-Science process is a framework for bringing EQ into the classroom. The EQEC focuses on the first six benchmarks for social emotional learning.

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How do you fully utilize Six Seconds' remarkable learning?

Become a Certified EQ Advanced Trainer: Train with Six Seconds’ methods; effectively deliver modules from Six Seconds’ library

Prerequisite: EQ Practitioner. Learn to use Six Seconds’ powerful learning methodology in a highly-rigorous train-the-trainer experience. In addition to powerful EQ tools, Six Seconds’ programs work because we teach the way the brain learns. This brain-based, humanistic, emotionally rich pedagogy creates transformational learning experiences by engaging head, heart, and hands. Join this course to learn how.

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