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What Can You Do with the EQ Network?

How are changemakers collaborating with Six Seconds to increase EQ and create positive change? Below you’ll see examples of how you can participate, based on real people in the community. For in-depth real stories, read these interviews with changemakers in the network — and for more insights, check out these testimonials.  Read the stories below about certified EQ practitioners… volunteer Network Leaders… Six Seconds’ Preferred Partners

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Network Member, Singapore

My story: I’ve been thinking about leaving my corporate job and wanted to learn more about EQ. In my career I’ve been in a lot of workshops, and learned a bit about emotional intelligence. 

How do you start out joining the EQ network?

I joined a Six Seconds webinar and I’ve been reading more and more about EQ. 

At work: I’ve been trying out some of the ideas from Six Seconds’ articles – like the power of naming my own feelings and asking my team members theirs.

In the network: Last week I went to a local Six Seconds’ conference, and I could feel something special. I loved the experience, personal and real… but also serious. Now I want to participate in the certification program!

Action: Read how to start practicing emotional intelligence | Join an upcoming event or free webinar

EQ Educator, Johannesburg

My story: I’m a business professor focused on tax law and entrepreneurship. In recent years, it’s been hard to engage the younger generation in my courses.

How can EQ be infused in a course or school?

The companies where my students serve internships say these students are not ready for the real world. So my colleagues and I decided it’s time to innovate.

At work: After the EQ Educator, I have transformed my lectures both by teaching EQ skills, but even more, by using my EQ in all of my teaching. The results are changing. For example, now I have students coming to my course even though they’re not registered!

In the network: I’ve been working with the Dean of my department and our Career Development Center to schedule in-house training for the rest of the faculty. We are also planning an EQ conference for the whole university to raise awareness.

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EQ Practitioner, New York

My story: I’m responsible for building leadership in our corporate university. We have outstanding technical and business skills, but we need stronger people-leaders – so I’ve been integrating EQ into all of our programs.

What does it mean to be a Practitioner using Six Seconds' methods?

It’s so exciting to find a way to make EQ practical for my people! And for myself.   

At work: My company has invested a lot in creating change, but it’s 99% focused on process and procedure, not people. Now we’re using EQ to develop skills to work from the inside out and we’re seeing powerful improvements on engagement and retention of talent.

In the network: I’ve just received permission to work with Six Seconds on a case study about our success.

Action: Join the EQ Practitioner Certification | Read EQ case studies

Organizational Consultant, Sydney

My story: I’m a coach and consultant. I’m certified in the SEI and the Vital Signs suite of organizational assessments. I use these assessments to put solid data behind my practice.

How does Six Seconds work for business consultants?

I’ve worked with a lot of tools, and these are special because they’re both simple and profound.

At work: I work with business executives in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, helping them understand and grow their emotional intelligence and giving them data on their organizations at the leadership, team, and enterprise level to make the best possible decisions. The assessments frame the needs clearly, and make the emotional factors “real” for my quantitative clients. The data helps us get to a level of clarity and honesty that sets the stage for enduring relationships that I develop with my clients.

In the network: I’m at the Certified level on and access premium resources that I utilize in my work. I also participate in various groups there, particularly the one for business, where we exchange ideas and best practices. It’s great to have a community of like-minded people focused on using EQ to maximize people’s potential.

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EQ Coach & Mentor Coach, Dubai

My story: I am a trainer and coach. I used to be a “hard core” operations director, and one day I realized I wanted to make a positive difference in the world. I got certified as a coach, but something was missing, I wasn’t creating the impact I hoped for.

How does EQ strengthen coaching and a coaching practice?

Then I became an EQ Practitioner. I joined the EQAC, and re-attended the EQPC to go deeper. Using the SEI in coaching, I gain deep insight into my clients and how to help them transform – and I’m practicing my own EQ to be my best self as a coach.  

At work: I use the SEI in my coaching, and my relationship with Six Seconds helps me to build authority with my potential clients. The three coaches in my company are now all certified, and we’re actively working toward more advanced status with Six Seconds.

In the network: I participate in Six Seconds’ events, and never miss bringing clients and friends to the EQ Café events. I serve as a mentor coach to others in the coach certification, and I help mentor people in the EQ Practitioner Certification. Plus, so far I’ve brought 14 others into the certifications!

Action: Join the EQ Coach Certification | Read this interview with a real EQ coaching practice


Network Leader, London

My story: I’m a freelance trainer improving customer service. Six Seconds EQ is like a super-charger for my work, taking it deeper and providing metrics for growth and ROI.

How does it work to integrate Six Seconds tools in your practice?

I started with the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence assessment, and then attended the EQ Practitioner, and last year added Vital Signs to move from “training” to more in-depth consulting. I’m headed to the Advanced Trainer later this year.

At work: I volunteered to be a Network Leader partly as a way to pursue my Noble Goal and increase EQ in my community, and partly for networking. Leading the EQ Cafes is a volunteer activity, but it’s deepening my own understanding of EQ, and I’ve met new clients! 

In the network: I’m helping spread EQ as a Network Leader. Also, I happen to be bilingual, so I’ve been helping to translate Six Seconds articles for even more sharing!

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Preferred Partner, Shanghai

My story: I’m the co-owner of a learning and development consultancy. We’ve integrated Six Seconds’ methods into our practice, the company has transformed – we’re on fire creating positive change!

Why would a learning org partner with Six Seconds?

I’ve been tuned into EQ since the 90s, but up to now, it’s been abstract. One of my trainers attended Six Seconds’ certification, then convinced my partner and I to join. This might sound cheesy, but it’s been life changing. I feel re-invigorated about this work like never before. 

At work: We use all the Six Seconds tools for a range of programs for performance improvement and organizational effectiveness. Then we co-created a custom profile integrating our Language of Leadership and the Six Seconds Model, which has made our core program more robust and meaningful.

In the network: As a Preferred Partner, we’re talking Six Seconds daily. We’ve also created several community outreach projects to support the nonprofit mission, and now we’re getting our EQ-trained corporate clients to volunteer in a local shelter – supporting the community while strengthening the leaders’ skills.

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