Did you know delegates attending the Summit 2017 can earn 12 ACE units by participating in a project?  Get all the details here.

Project Overview:

Based on the issues we identified In the recent Vitality research, the aim of the ACE Summit project is to identify solutions to core problems facing our workplace, schools and communities around the world.  Your project will focus on one of the following key areas:

1. Leading to increase trust & communication
2. Replacing stress with resilience
3. Building vision and alignment
4. Cultivating a climate of customer loyalty
5. Developing a thriving culture


To participate and earn 12 ACE units, people will need to:

  1. Choose one of the topics listed above to focus on.
  2. Join a prep-meeting online with Joshua Freedman the week before the Summit (date and time TBC).
  3. Develop 2-4 of the resources described below** during the Summit by attending sessions on these topics, interviewing experts at the summit, and fostering dialogue on these solutions.
  4. Work with a partner to edit and refine together.
  5. Submit all the elements by 1 December to [email protected]. Patty will collect all input and turn the ingredients into solution-focused posts on www.6seconds.org with a download of additional resources (such as slides, handouts).

Create Resources

**Any 2-3 of these resources:

  • Short videos on phone of a Speaker or Expert explaining a key action step

  • List of specific statistics or data that will help solve this issue

  • Short paragraph or flowchart showing key strategy of how to solve this issue

  • Create the content of three slides with instructions that could be used in a presentation on solving this issue

  • Interview someone and write their answer to how they’ve solved this issue — how they’ve used emotional power to create the conditions for solutions

  • Develop a clear, simple, practical handout that can be used to focus on the solution


 Complete details can be found on the ACE Summit Project form.

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