It been eight months since Six Seconds implemented new requirements to renew the rights earned when taking one of our certification courses. Instead of paying a renewal fee and doing 15 hours of some EQ related work, as of January 2017 certifications can be renewed when you use 100 assessment tool credits and earn 12 ACE units from an approved course, pre-approved projects, or other EQ activities. That’s generated a number of questions. Here are the four most commonly asked and answered.


Why don’t my ACE units show on my certification renewal page in

Posting of ACE units on the certification renewal page of is currently a manual process. Generally these are done within 10 days of your request, although travel schedules and other events may slow this down at times.

It may be that there is an issue with your account. Some folks have more than one account in or are listed only by their first name which makes finding the correct Maria or John difficult. It also could be that your account is not completely set up or your certification is not posted. Please check your account to make sure all the information in it is correct so we can post ACE units on a timely basis.

The virtual ACE courses are at a bad time for me and there are no in-person courses in my area to take. What can I do to earn ACE units?

Are you doing any EQ projects? Are you working with clients? Are you doing any EQ training?

Any of these activities can be pre-approved to earn ACE units. Six Seconds Accredited Continuing Education is about what you learned doing these activities, not what you taught others, so an additional reflection paper, summary of lessons learned, or synopsis of research conclusions is needed for ACE units to be awarded. To get a project pre-approved just send the idea to me, [email protected] to start the process.

What is the time frame for earning my 12 ACE units?

We are currently using the calendar year of 2017 as the time frame that ACE units need to be earned in order to renew a certification. Even though certifications will update on based on the date of when they were first earned, you have until the end of 2017 to earn ACE units and use tool credits before access to Six Seconds certified tools and materials may be restricted.

Do the 100 assessment tool credits need to be purchased each year or used?

The point of continuing education is to make sure you are staying current in your Six Seconds EQ coaching/training skills. Assessment tool credits can be purchased anytime, but to qualify for certification renewal they need to be used within the calendar year. If you were given free credits for a research project, etc. those do not count toward your annual 100 credit requirement.

Still have questions on ACE? Send them to me at [email protected]