What an amazing campaign! We are grateful.

This is the feeling we want to share with you for these intense, insightful and powerful three weeks together.

Volunteers from all over the world, more than 80 countries, are sharing EQ skills in schools, at work, at home in support of the EQ Children’s Day initiative and the Universal Rights of Children.

Now it’s almost time for a culmination event, THE GRAND FINALE!

On the final day of the campaign, on November 20,  at 11:20 AM (and 11.20PM if you want 🙂 ) wherever you are, whoever you are, a teacher, a manager, a parent, a student, a human being!, a group of people, please go to our Public Group in Facebook and any other social media (LinkedIn, Instagram …) and post pictures or videos about one Child’s Right and one Emotion that resonates within you

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EQChildrensDay 

Here is one example of picture you can use.




And here you can have a look at the list of Children’s Rights simplified.




So come and join us on November 20th 11.20am/11.20pm your time.

Let’s celebrate! together.







Ilaria Boffa

Ilaria is a Program Manager supporting emotional intelligence in education.She's based in Italy and works on Six Seconds' global team.